Headshot of instructor Tiffany Lee

All classes at Valley Systema are led by Tiffany Lee. Tiffany has been studying Systema for five years and is certified as an instructor-in-training by Vladimir Vasiliev. She has over 15 years of teaching experience in a variety of fields with all age groups. Tiffany continues her training regularly at Systema seminars around the country.

“She’s calm in explaining how to tackle tough situations.”

Tiffany came to Systema after 18 years of previous martial arts experience, including Okinawan Kenpo, Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and Olympic Fencing. After a disabling injury in the Air Force made her previous martial arts training difficult, a friend introduced her to Systema. Tiffany found that Systema offered an approach to self-defense and martial arts that worked with, not against, each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. Since this introduction, Tiffany has studied Systema consistently and exclusively, and remains convinced that it is the most effective method of learning self-defense.

“She has that uncanny ability to know exactly why and what will help to resolve it, the mark of a great teacher and practitioner.”

Outside of martial arts, Tiffany is involved in the emergency medical. She is an EMT-Basic, a Remote Medical Practitioner, and has trained as a tactical EMT. Her main areas of interest are disaster and mass casualty medicine, low-resource and remote area medicine, and the care of emergency response teams in the field.

“She is a true guardian because of a superior fighting capabilities, which is proven in every class, and is a testament to the power of Systema.”

Tiffany received a BA and MA in Classical Languages and received her JD in 2014 from Washington and Lee University. Tiffany currently teaches Cultural Appreciation, Ethics, and Business Law at American National University.