Adult Classes

Woman pins baseball-bad wielding attackerDo you know what to do in a violent confrontation? Could you protect yourself against two or more attackers, or an attacker with a weapon? We can teach you this, and much more, at Valley Systema.

We deliberately keep our class sizes small so you will receive plenty of individual attention from the instructor. We are a practical, reality-minded school; you won’t see any uniforms, belts, or rigid formalities. We teach only the best in real-world tested strategies for self-defense and fighting. You will learn to stay calm and relaxed under the stress of a fight, and to respond with natural, effective movement, minimizing your risk of injury while resolving the situation. If you want to learn to protect yourself and your loved ones from the realities of violence in our world, Valley Systema is the place for you!

Beginners are welcome to start at any time; there is no specific beginners class. You do not need to have any prior martial arts experience to train with us, and no particular level of fitness is needed. Visitors and observers are always welcome!

Adult classes at Valley Systema are open to adults and teens ages 14+.

What we teach:Instructor demonstrates self-defense against two attackers

We teach a wide range of self-defense topics, including:

  • Hand-to-hand defense.
  • Defense against traditional weapons such as knives and guns.
  • Defense against and the use of improvised weapons.
  • Ground fighting, and how to fall and roll safely on all surfaces.
  • Escapes from holds and grabs.
  • Defense against multiple attackers.
  • Defending yourself in everyday situations, such as in your car or in confined spaces.
  • The psychology of violent attacks
  • Skills to remain calm in intensely stressful situations.

Current Schedule:Two people wrestle for control of a knife

When: Every Tuesday from 7:00-9:00 pM

Where: Studio at Aquatic Adventures, 2007 Electric Rd., Roanoke, VA 24017

Cost: $50/month

Want to visit and see if Systema is for you? Contact Valley Systema through this website or our Facebook page to arrange a free trial class.

Any last-minute schedule changes will be posted on our Facebook group.